Emotional Atyachaar, a show where people came to us with a doubt on their partner's loyalty. We helped them find the truth by doing a loyalty test on their partner. They saw the truth, they caught the cheaters and they saved their life. Last three seasons were not just a show; it became a movement where people got saved from cheaters, where people got to know the ugly truth of their partner's loyalty through Emotional Atyachaar.

This inspired many people to stand up against their doubt on their partner and they themselves gathered the courage to find out the truth on their partner's loyalty by doing self-investigation.

Season 4 will bring you the stories of those people who did their own investigation and saved themselves from Emotional Atyachaar. Season 4 will now explore a whole new level of betrayal revealing a different meaning of cheating and the word trust.

For the first time ever viewers will see and hear people sharing their own shocking stories of betrayal and revenge.

Stories that will shake you up; stories that will linger on your mind for days on end. Cheating in the most bizarre ways from 'sex videos', 'sleeping with partner's mother' to 'cheating with multiple patners'. With its shocking revelations, this season will re-define betrayal.

So sit back and watch Emotional Atyachaar Season 4, where the dirty truth of cheaters will unfold once again! As the LEAD comes and shares their shocking story of WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO THEM. AND HOW THEY SAVED THEMSELVES with Pravesh Rana, the host of the show.

Nothing will shock you more.
Cheaters beware; do not try this with anyone's heart.